Is Italy A Rich Or Poor Country?


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Yes, Italy is a developed country. Italy's industry concentrated in the north,  there are Milan, Turin, Genoa triangle. Major industrial sectors of shipbuilding  steel automotive electronics and textile machinery chemicals. Turin is the Motor  City, Milan, the chemical industry base, Genoa for the shipbuilding industry.  Eastern and Central, a new industrial area, to small and medium enterprises  gather more light. South of Sicily to the main oil refining industry, oil  imports from the Middle East, North Africa, established in the southern port of  Taranto on the basis of, easy to import iron ore and export products to  international markets. Tourism development, tourism revenue to make up an  important source of national balance of payments deficit. Tourism turnover of  150 trillion liras (approximately more than 71.4 billion U.S. Dollars),  accounting for 6% of gross domestic product, net income of about 53 trillion  liras (approximately more than 25.2 billion U.S. Dollars). Foreign trade is a  major pillar of the Italian economy, foreign trade surplus year after year,  following Japan, Germany, the world's third largest trade surplus after the  country. Imports mainly petroleum, raw materials and food and export, mechanical  equipment, chemical products, household appliances, textiles, clothing, shoes,  gold and silver jewelry and other light industrial products. Foreign markets  mainly in Europe, the import and export primarily for the European Union and the  United States. Major tourist cities are Rome, Florence and Venice.

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