Fruits That Helps To Reduce Body Heat?


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Water melon is the best fruit which reduces heat. Not only that coconut water helps you in reducing the heat though it is not a fruit loll.
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Dates and papaya are fruits that increases body heat even pineapple avoid these fruits.
Have tender coconut water, watermelon, musk melon, citrus fruits and cucumber
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Sir my body as full of excess of heat. When we solving this problem what fruit most be taken.
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Water melon is best one to reduce the body heat...
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If there is a fruit out there that can reduce body heat, I have not heard of it. But if yes, maybe someone can tell all of us.
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Go to snowy place sure you wont heat,,and eats some fruits there..
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So many fruits are there which help to reduce our body heat -  mainly Water melon which is best to reduce the heat.

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I was told banana would also reduce body heat, I was wondering if you every found out more about that?

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