What Is One Disadvantage Of High Level Languages?


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Cannot directly interact with the PC hardware.
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In my perspective High Level Language has not got any Disadvantages. High level languages are enhancing easy communication with the system. In case when you need to make basic calls, still system calls are possible.

In Microprocessors only op-codes are being used. It is tedious process to code a program using assembly level language, especially huge code bases cannot be developed, as it takes a huge time. And also the code readability and the understandability is very difficult.

With high performance and high end processors, why should we limit our bandwidth and stick on to machine codes and op-codes. With core2duo processors, if we code in assembly language, then we can write a program to find the factorial of a number in a day.

To perform challenging tasks and programs we are at the mercy of high level language.

Disadvantages are limited to the specific language(say C,C++,java) and do not generalize and say disadvantages of High level Language.

With High level language, still you can make system level calls and access all basic level functions and features such as interrupts,etc.,

why would some body want to use an abacus if they have a system with core2duo processor?
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The only disadvantage I can see is that you lose out on a few machine cycles in execution, but with today's fast hardware who cares?  High level languages make programming accessible to more people, The only times I've actually used low-level languages outside school was for hardware designers in the audio industry, where real-time or close to it is desired behavior.
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They are difficult to learn.
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You are forced to program in a specific way and so is limited by the language and its libraries and also hard to integrate with other libraries.

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