Why Indian Ocean Is Named After India?


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The Indian Ocean is the late 1st century AD the Roman geographer
Peng Boniwusi Meira may be the first to use this name. 10th century AD, the
Arabs Ibn high Culler Compilation map of the world also use this name. Official
use of a modern Indian Ocean was around in 1515, when the EU cartography Chenal
compilation map, this film marked the ocean as "the East Indian Ocean", where
the "Orient" is the word Atlantic relative. 1497, Portuguese navigator Vasco da
Gama to find Eastern India, they put through the ocean along the Indian Ocean
.1570 system called Cornelius in Orr compilation map of the world too
concentrated, the "East Indian Ocean," a remove the "Oriental", simplified to
"the Indian Ocean." The name has gradually been accepted as a common term.

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