What Was The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Getting Older?


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Some of advantages of getting older include gaining both experience and wisdom. The accumulation of life experiences contributes to both of these. Some cultures deeply respect older people as they are seen as repositories of knowledge. Disadvantages could be that an older person has reduced stamina and enthusiasm, and could suffer from a cognitive decline.

Other advantages of getting older are:

• The need for less sleep.
Older people generally begin to require less and less sleep as they grow older.

• Suffrage.
Only people over a certain age are allowed active participation in the voting process. The very young are excluded from voting.

• Legal Sexual Contact.
The age of consent, whilst not a single unified age across the world, is an age related activity, and therefore, by its definition is a product of being over a certain age.

Some of the disadvantages of getting older are:

• Greater vulnerability to age-related diseases such as osteoporosis.
The older you become, the more strain you are imposing on your body for even the most basic of functions. This is the body ageing rather than a disease. Older people require more medical attention than the young; this is becoming a major problem for some of the more advanced economies of the world as people begin to live longer and therefore require more.

• Slower recovery rates from injuries.
Older bodies respond more slowly than a younger one and so injuries and illness can be more problematic.

• Reduced Income.
Someone of pensionable age may not receive the same amount as they did before simply by relying on their pensions. If no pension schemes are available, older people have to either continue to work or else live on the charity of their relatives and neighbors.
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When you age you gain knowledge and experience which should help you in life. When you are younger you have more energy, stamina and ability to do physical work than when you are older.
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For me, it's just the opposite from the previous answer.  I find that the younger ones think they know more than I do because you are over the hill and they are in the "in" of everything.  I can't blame them as I look back to that age I thought the same thing. But now, as I see what I have accomplished over many, many years and how much I have grown spiritually ...... I get the last laugh. Ha-ha... Like the old song "I've Forgotten More Than You'll Ever Know."

And yes, I do sag some ... But still look better than than most .... Because I care to. 

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Advantages:  Hopefully wiser; have accumulated some savings for retirement; better pay for education and years on the job.
Disadvantages: Often comes illnesses; not being able to get around as you once could when you were young.
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Every coin have two sides, one is pros and second is con. Its not in our hand to stop the growing age or reduce it. Just learn from your past and implement it in present. Then your future should be better then past.
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The advantages is that you are in control of your life. No one else has control over you when it comes to making decisions. Of course, on different levels of your life you will see how wonderful certain situations are and then others become difficult. Disadvantages would be like not having the energy to do more - like you use to. The energy level is one that you notice the most.
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You become smarter. You sag

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