How Do You Treat A Dislocated Joint?


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The treatment for a dislocated joint has to be carried out at hospital. On no accounts should anyone try to push a dislocated bone back into place. You need to get the injured person to hospital.
Dislocation of a joint is usually accompanied by torn ligaments and may also have a break in the bone. Attempting to push the bone back into place will simply make the condition worse, hence why it should just be left to be treated by the experts.
You should ensure that the person who has suffered the dislocation is comfortable and kept warm. It may be helpful to provide a cushion or rolled up blanket, so that the bone which is dislocated can be supported by using this as a prop. However, this is as far as any home treatment should go and if you cannot drive them to the hospital, call an ambulance or have someone else take them as soon as possible.

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