How Do I Convert Cubic Inches To Gallons?


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There are exactly 231 cubic inches in a US liquid gallon. To convert from cubic inches to gallons, multiply by (1 gallon/(231 in3)). The conversion factor is different for other definitions of gallon.

1 ft3 = (12 in)3 = 1728 in3
  = (1728 in3)*(1 gal/(231 in3)) = (1728/231) gal
  = 7.480519 gal    (the underlined digits repeat indefinitely)
  = 7 37/77 gal
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But hoe did you get the 231 for a gallon? What formula?
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How do you get 231 for a gallon?
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That a gallon is 231 in^3 is a matter of US law.
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For liquid measurements there are 231 cubic inches in a gallon.
For dry measurements there are 268.8 cubic inches in a gallon.

Your formula would then be to divide your number of cubic inches by 231 for liquid gallons and 268.8 for dry gallons.
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1357.16 cubic inches to gallons

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