How To Calculate Aggregate For Engineering? I Have Also Done Diploma.


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If you are looking to calculate your overall score for your engineering course, including your diploma, you need to firstly get in touch with your exam board that you did your qualifications under. The aggregate is usually calculated by adding up the scores from each module that you do and dividing it by a certain number, depending on the type of course you have done. The importance of going into higher education is huge and its benefits include:

  • Broadening your future job prospects

If you go into further education, either to A Level or Degree level, you will set yourself apart from other candidates that may be competing with you for a job that you would like. If you have been studying for something that is related to the job that you want, you will be more likely to have the skills and experience that is required for many jobs. Those with qualifications can join graduate programs, where you become an intern or apprentice in a trade, allowing you to earn money whilst learning how to work in a certain environment.

  • Broadening your social horizons

If you attend a university, you will be expected, usually, to leave your home and become an independent person. In doing this, you will become much more dependent on the people that you live with, or that live on your campus at your university. You will need to learn to live with people that you may not like or don't really know, meaning that your social skills will bloom in no time. The friends that you make in university have been known to generally last for life, so you will have no shortage of company there. There are plenty of social opportunities in university, including bar crawls and nights out, meaning that there is ample opportunity for you to make friends.

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