What Is Schema Refinement?


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Schema refinement is correcting a program schematic to make the program usable.

You will find a lot more information about schema refinement at the following websites:


A lecture states that schema refinement is the best way one can describe an application with regards what needs to go where to create the application. The link provided may offer you some more clues as to what schema refinement is.

The second link posted tells you what schema means. According to Wiki it is a Greek word that means shape or in the literal sense plan. It means schema can refer to a model, diagram or schematic. Since schema refinement seems to deal with computer science you can then infer that schema refinement is the refinement of a computer schematic.

The third link is also a Wiki link that talks about program refinement. Program refinement is considered a formal method in which verifiable transformations occur to create an executable program.

Let us go back to the first link for a moment. The first link was talking about redundancies and showing diagrams. These diagrams or schematics were showing the program set up and the need for redundancies. It was also talking about how redundancies can be difficult to the program creation as a whole.

In a clear cut definition, schema refinement is the "steps" one takes in order to correct a program to ensure that it is usable using a diagram style design in order to find the issues and tell the program how to work. One definition is that it is the study of where things need to go in a DBMS system. This was just one lecture note from a course in computers.

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