How Many Types Of Thermometer Are There ?


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There are many different types of thermometer which been used for different reasons in the past. Some are more advanced than others and have developed as technology has developed. Others have been made redundant due to advances in other thermometers and the use of electrical power.

  • Mercury
The most basic and original thermometer was made from mercury. Mercury was used because of its ability to remain in a liquid form at very low temperatures. It can expand and this was measured depending on how wide the tube housing the mercury was. Once this was determined, the rate at which it would expand due to the movement of particles could be measured and every degree in temperature that a thermometer goes up could be seen on the outside of the thermometer.

  • Advances
There have been many advances in technology that mean that electrical power is now commonly used in thermometers. This is so that an accurate reading between the degrees can be found and there is less room for human error if a number is displayed on a screen. This is used to tell the body temperature or a human and other instances that a fraction of a degree could change the outcome. This change happened very quickly in the 20th century and electronic thermometers are still advancing to become more and more accurate.

  • Uses
Thermometers have been use for many different things over the years. The main use is checking the body temperature of a person but these are also used in scientific experiments to control the temperature as a variable, to see how hot food is, to work out the temperature that something sets or to measure the weather and wind chill.

Some other kinds of thermometers include:
  • Coulumb Blockade
  • Galileo
  • Reversing.
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There are sixteen types of thermometers.
-Alcohol thermometer.
-Beckmann differential thermometer.
-Bi-metal mechanical thermometer.
-Electrical resistance thermometer.
-Galileo thermometer.
-Infrared thermometer.
-Liquid Crystal thermometer.
-Medical thermometer.
-Mercury-in-glass thermometer.
-Reversing thermometer.
-Silicon bandgap temperature sensor.
-Six's thermometer OR Maximum minimum thermometer.
-Coulomb blockade thermometer.
-Pill thermometer.
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