Where Is Chicago?


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Chicago can be found in the state of Illinois on Lake Michigan's South West shore. It is located slightly to the east of the northern center of the United States. To its north lies Milwaukee and to its north west Madison in the state of Wisconsin, to its west is Des Moines in Iowa, Jefferson City in Missouri to its south west, Kentucky to the south and Indianapolis in Indiana to the south east.

Chicago is also known, nearly since 1880, as "the windy city". It was known to be the biggest meat and grain market in the world, and the tallest building in America "the Sears Tower" is in Chicago.

The entire metropolitan region of Chicago has a population of nearly nine and a half million which is expected to reach ten million by 2007.

Perhaps the most famous son of Chicago is the man who wrote "used furniture dealer" on his card or "Al Capone". He was the undisputed mob boss of Chicago during the prohibition days.

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