What Are The Primary Biological Foundations Of Psychology Linked To Behavior?


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Mental processes, and thus behaviour, are controlled by the brain; the most complex, flexible and versatile network imaginable.

The approach of evolutionary psychology puts an emphasis on the importance of reproduction, natural selection and adaptation when explaining human psychology.

It considers how the nervous system evolved into its present state of complexity, and years of research have led to many scientists believing that behaviour is a result of the interaction between biological inheritance and the environment.

The physical, or biological, structure of the human body plays a vital role in the behaviour of individuals.

The nervous system carries signals back and forth between the brain, the spinal cord and various glands and muscles.

Nerve endings, or stimuli receptors, transmit a signal to the brain. This causes neurons within the brain to be activated, resulting in signals producing a reaction suitable to respond to the transmitted signal.

This may be a signal for a muscle to contract or relax, or it may be a signal to a gland in order to produce more or less of a hormone, such as adrenalin, for instance, necessary to deal with a situation.

The genetic make-up of an individual will influence how the brain will react to varying stimuli, as do the environment in which the individual was raised and previous experiences.

It is very difficult to properly explain the biological foundations of human psychology and behaviour in a few short words. A much more detailed, in depth answer to this question may be found at <a href=" Wadsworth Media </a>.

Another good place to start is <a href=" Wiki Books </a>.

Both of these sites provide an excellent insight into the workings of the brain, the nervous system and how human behaviour is influenced both by biological functions within the body and external influences.
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Genetics, and environment are usually aspects.  Someones behavior can be linked to successive habits. "lay down next to dogs, and you get fleas." in other words, your surroundings shape who you as an individual.  That's why we are all human, but not all "John Smith"
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I'm not sure, but there's biopsychology, neurology and zoology

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