I'm Tired All The Time, I Sleep Well At Night But Still Need To Sleep In The Day. I've Had Tests For Different Things But Nothing, I Need Something To Help Me Stay Awake And Give Me Energy As I Can't Keep Up With Anything. What Should I Do?


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There could be a number of physical and/ or mental problems that could contribute to this, I do not know what to say except that you should try some things that I have to do.  I have to get vitamins and water. I have had all the test hey it could be mental but the only quick way that worked was when I broke down and finally exercised,and drank this stuff called vitamin water yeah 50 cent made it but get the orange and you will see that it really really works. I need one right now.and vitamins
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There can be a physical or mental problem but you might have caught scurvy. If you are tired all day long and you are yawning then have some fruits and vegetables. Also try doing some sports that might help. If your school stars early then you should sleep early so you can wake up early. If you have any lights on when you are sleeping then turn it off because your body gets a better rest if your room is dark.
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Dear,try helping your self by timing yourself,check the particular time you always fall asleep in the afternoon,secondly keep your self busy wit some one,friends,books,magazines etc.try to flow to avoid falling asleep.or if you cannot, try not to fall asleep at that particular time or you take a walk,continue with these every day and you will overcome it.just use your time and by the time you begin,may be...with 30min d first day,1hr the sec day,2-3hrs the third day etc.you will see a change.marianzen
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I have tried staying awake but get very lathargic and cant wake next day
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Den try seeing a medical adviser and if u are a christain,put yourself in prayers,make sure you do what he request of u
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None of this works!! You people don't know anything!!! Your all DUMB!! Sorry for all I have said but its the truth!!

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