Which Of The Following Is An Example Of A SOA Environment?


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As you have not finished your question, or provided any extra, much needed, details along with it, it is near on impossible to be of any help to you. Perhaps if you were to repost your query, or add the extra information required, then people would be able to give you the help that you need.

The other issue with your question is that it sounds very much like one that would be given in a classroom assignment of some sort. If this is the case, then the only person who should be answering it is yourself, as you will not benefit from others doing it for you.

If you are struggling with the question that has been set, and you have received it from a tutor, than it is most definitely them that you should be seeking out top help you; not only will it show your tutor where in the course you are having difficulties, it will also show that you are a student who cares about their work.

The final reason that you should take this to someone at your institution is that, by receiving information online from strangers, you have no certainties that anything told to you is correct.

Regardless of both of these problems with your question, here is some information on SOA in the hope that it will aid you in answering the question yourself.

  • What is SOA?

A Service Oriented Architecture, or SOA as it is more commonly known as and abbreviated to, is a server that provides a crucial platform for the stipulation of SOA services.

  • The objectives of SOA

The Service Oriented Architecture environment gives the basic outlay that allows business systems to easily and smoothly take part in the carrying out of business activities and processes.

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