What Is Quicklime?


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Quick lime is a chemical compound which is commonly known as Calcium oxide or burnt lime. Quicklime is obtained by thermally decomposing lime stone i.e. Calcium Carbonate in kiln at a temperature of 825 degree centigrade. This process is also known as calcinations which burn the lime stone by diffusing off carbon dioxide and results in the formation of Quicklime. Quicklime is an alkaline crystalline solid and is caustic in nature. Its color is white and is used in variety of industrial processes.
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Quicklime is calcium oxide (CaO) and another name for it is quicklime. It is alkaline and therefore caustic in nature. It is produced by the breakdown of lime stone by burning it at 825 degrees centigrade. The process of breakdown to get quicklime is called calcination of lime. It reacts very fast with water and when mixed with water, hardens quickly to form a plaster. It is also used in glass production and in treatment plants for water and sewage. The production of quicklime is an exothermic reaction, that is, it produces heat. It was also used as a weapon of war in old times when armies tricked their enemies to walk into quicklime that quickly hardened and captured them.

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