What Are Effect Of Landslide?


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There are a lot of effects of landslide and can be categorized like the following:
1- Landslide Effects on Buildings

    Landslides affect
buildings.  As pressures on the ground increase, so does the likelihood
of buildings being ruined.  Landslides can occur where terrain has
been altered by man or geologically, including roadways.

2- Landslide Effects
on Plant-life

    Landslides can affect
plant-life.  The steeper a slope, the more likely a slide will occur.
The weaker rock and sediments are, the more prone they become to a landslide
occurring.  If land becomes saturated, the land may flow more easily.
Any plant-life in the slides way will get "washed" down with the slide.
This includes:  The ground, trees, and plants.

3- Landslide Effects
on people life
  could drastically affect everyone who lives near an elevated area. Any in many cases the cause death...

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