Why Do You Think That Many Human Resource Managers Are Reluctant To Use Information Technology Such As The Internet Or An HRIS?


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Sergio Jemas answered

Totally agree. Nowadays there are many different solutions for HR specialists. For example did you hear about BARS? It is a type of special performance management scale that use behavior as a reference point instead of generic descriptors. In general such scale bars can help you to measure an employee’s performance. If you will read several articles about this like for example on you will understand all features.

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Tarzan Naveed answered
No not at all, usually Human Resource Managers use a verity of different HRIS in order to make their work more Efficient and Effective. I also worked on the same post and same department and I am well versed of SAP and Oracle based HRIS. So it is vague to say that Human Resource Managers are reluctant towards use of Technology. (Thanks)

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