Choose An Ethnic Group To Which You Personally Belong. Africian American. If You Identify With More Than One Group To Which You Most Identify Or About Which You Would Like To Learn More. 700-1050 Words . Can You Help?


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I believe life is quite simple and it's society that makes a mess of things. We are all brothers and sisters no matter the color of our skin. I refuse to bow down to racism because it breeds ignorance and fear. I have learned through my years to keep my enemies close and to get to know them. Faith has a lot to do with the character of a person and I am a Christian, but honor those that have no religion or another type of religion. I don't cross over their line and they don't cross over mine because nothing will shake my faith in what I believe. I believe people must learn peace and to stand up for what is right no matter how much power the enemy has. From many years of difficulties in my own life (health issues as well) and losses of family and friends (at too early an age) I have learned much from this and do not fear death. It's humbled me and I've learned to express my feelings to those I care about and I do it as often as possible. I'm a hugger to friends and tell those especially close to me that I love them. I'll fight for those I love to the bitter end and not always when it's just convenient for me.
Do I sound perfect? Not by a long shot. If you cross me I'm like a wounded grizzly, but have learned to walk off my temper so I can talk to the person in a calm manner (sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.) I've made a myriad of mistakes and will continue to make more, but I learn from them. Sometimes my mind runs quickers that I can say the words and sometimes people may misunderstand what I am saying so I have to try and curb that bad habit.
To the above poster I've had 65 years to question myself (still do) and that's a trait we all have or we'd know everything now wouldn't we? How boring that would be!
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I Identify as An African American and I would like to learn about foreign groups of people like the Pakistan or oversees altogether.

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