My Lower Legs Are Discolored And Have Been For Many Years. Now My Lower Legs In The Back Are Itching And The Bones Hurt If You Touch To Hard. What Is Going On?


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Is there swelling also? Or does there appear to be a hard lump or anything?
It could be poor circulation I have that I have bruising on both my calves, they swell sometimes so bad I feel the skin will burst.

By my ankles there is redness and also around other parts to my leg, and dry skin. I read once that arthritis can do that. And I do have arthritis my left ankle where I broke it once. My knees are both swollen bad.

Mine hurt so bad I scream out sometimes. I also have fibromyalgia in many parts of my body the skin even hurts like a burn or a bruise. While other times I have horrible pain above and below my elbows. My left arm is worse as far as lifting goes. Sometimes I lift just a can and my arm falls to the ground with it.

As I have no money or insurance there is not much I can do but suffer.

Check with your doctor as soon as you can and keep me posted.

Hugs, Fury

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