What Is Market Situation Analysis? How Is Analysis Of Reaction Pattern Of Competitors Done ? What Is Competitive Positioning


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Market situation analysis involve complete customer analysis, need identification, competitor analysis, the company's position in the product life cycle, the product analysis, market opportunities, favorable and unfavorable circumstances, chances of entrance of new competitors, future trends of customers, market share, industry analysis, PEST (Political Economic Social and Technological analysis), SWOT( Strength Weaknesses Opportunities Threats) analysis of firm, SWOT analysis of competitors and perceptual mapping etc. Competitive positioning is how you place your brand in the minds of the consumers so that consumers can differentiate your brand from the competitors in the market. For analyzing the reaction pattern of competitors, it is useful to study the past behaviors of competitors such as advertising, product launch in the market, and to use other techniques such as game theory to predict the movements of competitors.

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