What Are The Benefits Of Computerization To Individual And Organisation?


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Majorly, it is expressed to human exprience that computer make things lesser (raw fact). Generally, the impact of computer is what is known as global, in this point, a computerized merchandise is bein processed in order to alleviate easy task. I.e. When a multitude students seats for jamb and after which their result is released, it is very easy for individualist to check their result online since it has been computerized or programmed.
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Computers are the invention of the century. They along with Internet changed the way people lived and though.

For Individuals computers are the best source of getting information related to their studies and Jobs, It is the best way to perform different tasks using MS Office and other helping softwares that assists in developing projects in different fields. Not only that computers are also a source of entertainment of different kinds.

For organizations they help in reducing their costs regarding data protection and data security. It also helps them in getting updated about what is happening in different branches thus getting updated about their performance. It also is a source of keeping check on rivals, finding potential employees through online hiring and thus working efficiently.

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