What Is The Mass Of 6.9 Moles Of Sulfur Dioxide?


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The mass of 6.9 moles of sulfur dioxide is 442g.

If you are wishing to just find the mass of sulfur dioxide rather than calculate it yourself, there are some very useful conversion websites available.

A conversion website which will do the calculations for you when it comes to finding the mass of sulfur dioxide, if you already know how many moles it is, can be found at:
However, if this is for a homework question then it is much better if you try and do the conversions yourself. There is a very simple formula used for calculating mass using moles, mass = n x MM where mass is in grams, n is the number of moles and MM is equal to the molecule's molecular mass, a full explanation with examples can be found here:
You can certainly use the converter website to check your calculations are correct before submitting your answer, however, if you just use it straight away then you won't be learning anything. When it comes to exam time you will not be able to do the conversion yourself and you certainly won't be able to use the converter website then.

If you are struggling to understand the mass and how you go about finding it then it is best to tell your tutor as soon as you can. Many students may feel too shy or embarrassed to ask for help and so will just end up suffering in silence and never finding out how to overcome any problems they are having with the work.

If you simply tell your tutor straight that you are just not understanding it they will be glad you told them and will do all they are able to try and explain it all to you. The sooner something goes in the more likely it is to stick and so it is certainly best to try and get the work and the conversions nailed as soon as you can.

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