Where Is Phatum Thani In Thailand?


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Phatum Thani is both a town and province of Thailand. Phatum Thani province borders Bangkok in the south centre of the mainland country and away from the thin peninsular that extends south. Thailand is a country found in South East Asia bordering Burma, Laos, Cambodia and Malaysia.

The province covers an area of around 1525 kilometres and lies in the Chao Phraya basin. "Mueang Sam Khok" was its original name. It comprises the districts of Lam Luk Ka, Nong Suea, Khlong Luang, Sam Khok, Thanyaburi, Lat Lum Kaeo and Muang Pathum Thani.

The town Phatum Thani is located on the banks of the River Chaophraya between the town of Ayutthaya and the city of Bangkok, just forty six kilometres north of the later.

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