Where Is Natural Gas Found In Australia?


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The world is using natural gas very fast, so this gas is is decreasing very fast. We need to save our natural resources.  Make a plan and implement on the whole world.

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Approximately two thousand years ago, the Chinese people used to pipe natural gases to their homes with the help of bamboo pipes they used these gases for lighting purpose. Earlier before 1970 nearly all the gas produced for cooking in Australian homes and by industry was obtained from coal and oil at gasworks which were situated nearby.

Throughout the 70s most of these gasworks were shut down as natural gas was piped and supplied from gas fields to where ever it was required. Australia is quiet rich in gas production. Many gas bearing basins have been constructed and recognised throughout Australia. The largest reserves of gas are found in Gippsland Basin in Victoria, the Copper Basin in central Australia and towards the Northwest Shelf region of Western Australia. Natural gas was first discovered in Australia by accident at Roma in Queensland around the 1900s.

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