Where Is Cape Cod?


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The eastern most point of massachusetts.
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Cape Cod, sometimes simply referred to as the Cape, is the name of a peninsula, shaped like an arm, which is coextensive with Barnstable County in Massachusetts, United States of America. The Cape makes up the easternmost part of Massachusetts in the north eastern portion of the United States. Even though the Cape was initially linked to the mainland, the Cape Cod Canal, built in the year 1914, successfully changed the Cape into a big island body. A total of three bridges cross the canal from the mainland to Cape Cod, two for cars, and the third for the train.

Cape Cod constitutes most of Barnstable County; two towns of the county possess land on the mainland side, out of a total of 15 towns. Cape Cod is famous for its beaches and dunes, which attract tourist from all parts of the planet.
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East coast of North America
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The Commonwealth of Massachusetts is the place where you can find the Cape Cod. It's an arm shaped peninsula located in the north-eastern part of the United States and the locals also call it 'the Cape'. Originally, the island was connected to the mainland but after the completion of Cape Cod Canal, it was transformed completely into an island.

Geographically, the Cape Cod formed of four parts; the upper, the mid, the lower and the outer. The Upper Cod is the one which is closest to the mainland it is in the Falmouth town of this area where you can find the world famous Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.

Cape Cod is among the first places in the North America to be inhabited by the Europeans and one of the prime places frequented by tourists. Its population of 230,000 gets a sharp rise during tourist season of summer. It's very popular for boating, ice cream and also for its vacation houses.

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