My 11 Month Old Pitbull Weighs 30 Pushing 35 Pounds But She Is Very Lean And Her Bones Arent Thick Like My Others?


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She sounds right on track. She wouldn't be putting on her adult weight and muscle quite yet though that will gradually begin to pick up soon if she's almost a year. You can't really try to safely add weight or muscle until they are at least a year and a half at the very earliest or you can stress their bones and joints too much and cause long term and crippling problems since that isn't how they grow. Lean is better than not and crippled, it is whether or not they are healthy that really matters.
A lot of their 'up' is in the first year and most everything goes into that and will begin to slow (but not done) a little soon and the 'out' will start and she will begin to put on more of her adult weight and muscle into the second year.
She is already low range for preferred adult weight with some growing room. They should be about 30 to 50 pounds for a female and about 35 to 60 for a male when mature so it sounds like she is right on track and may even be a little on the bigger side when she is done.
I wouldn't worry unless she is actually under a healthy weight for her body structure and then you would want to consult your vet. You can't really expect her to be the same as the others if she has a different structure and they also may be older and beyond the growth stages that she is in.
First link is UKC standard and second link has links to tons of pictures of National Champions and things for you to check out. The third link is some advice on how to safely condition her a bit if you still feel you want to once she is mature enough to do anything safely in another 7 or 8 months or so. :-) q1827502.html
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May be It is not good for the stomach and intestines, absorbing the poor nutrition.

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