A Situation, Problem, Or Opportunity In Which An Individual Must Choose Among Several Actions That Must Be Evaluated As Morally Right Or Wrong Is?


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A life and death scenario... How about this, should fit well in these times... You can have a fantastic job sir or ma'am..... All that is required to get it is the termination of one member of this lovely corporate "family"..... Could think of it as an abortion without the coat hanger if this helps you..... Little suzy or little tommy will not be here tomorrow..... This company symbolizing life and your axe of unemployment being the abortion so to speak... Who can you can/kill... Surely someone takes in more than they put out in productivity..... Do you want to keep filling their fridge with minimal results as payment? No of course not, you are corporate now, dollars before diets, money before men, wealth before women, profits before people..... Lennon was right, you have learned how to smile as you kill, you are a working class hero forever now.

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