What Can Individuals,businesses And Communities Do To Alleviate The Unemployment Problem In South Africa?


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South African citizens suffer from unemployment, just like citizens of any other country, and it's important that individuals, businesses and communities pull together to alleviate the unemployment problem in that country. However, South Africa has very poor areas where citizens don't have the modern conveniences they need to educate themselves and participate with job searches on a level playing field with everyone else. Solving these problems of inequality between the have-nots and the higher echelons of society is probably required before the problem of unemployment can be dealt with effectively. Social programs that help people to prepare properly for new opportunities may be the answer, and these may be administered through government, or through individuals or businesses (though charitable initiatives).

  • Working together

To make a better life for South Africa's poorest citizens, who may be hit hardest by unemployment, local businesses can band together to provide job opportunities that fit the skill set of poorer people in the country. For example, South Africans without a lot of education or work experience may still be able to work as caregivers for children or the elderly, or they may be able to master certain tasks, such as packaging or assembly line work, that doesn't require special education or detailed training. If businesses want to benefit the community, they can create decent jobs.

  • Government assistance

The government needs to support local businesses as they struggle to provide jobs for the community. Subsidies, tax breaks, and other incentives should be provided, so that government can work hand in hand with local businesses.

Individuals may also support these initiatives by donating their time and money to helping these government and business initiatives succeed. Anyone can play a role if they have the time, energy, and motivation to make a difference. Individuals can also be excellent mentors for unemployed youth.

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