How does data and information support human service organizations in regards to technical resources?


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The use of data and information allows the organization to more easily manage their often limited resources of time and money by using technical resources.  Management is able to allow employees and clients to view and choose benefits instantly.  Employee compensation is mostly done electronically now with direct deposit. Many payroll departments are keeping data stored in a technical way using technical equipment and storage.   Acquiring data and information regarding the clients that the organization is trying to service will allow easier and faster access.  Some organizations require and utilize libraries that can de digitized and accessed through electronic means.

It can provide tools for recruitment and employee tracking such as job performance and evaluation.  But also having the ability to have data readily accessible then the organization can track its effectiveness.  It can provide help with paperwork and needed information storage space, by becoming a paperless office.  Can mean fewer employees if really organized, but will need additional employees to help manage the technical devices and process.  There should be provisions should the technical resources fail such as offsite data storage.

There is a cost associated with the use of data and information with technical resources that must be accounted for when planning and operating the organization. Also if the security of the employee information is compromised, it can affect the entire company.  As technology changes with time, the tools needed to support the information will change and require different investment. Upgrades are sometimes very expensive.  But there are benefits as well.  These unique costs and benefits must be weighed and considered when running or supporting each unique service organization and how they may impact them individually and as a whole. It might be best to discuss making these changes in a meeting with people are experts in the field.

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