What is the icd-9 code for instability of knee?


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The codes that you are referring to are numerical codes that are used by medical professionals to write about the billing process in hospitals. Basically, these codes are a standard language that hospitals, the government and insurance parties use when they are handling insurance paperwork. If you need to know what code refers to the instability of a knee then you should speak to your doctor.

  • About the coding system.
The Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) coding system was developed by the American Medical Association. The CPT system is a five digit code that is used by the medical departments medical, surgical, laboratory, radiology and anaesthesiology. Every procedure, no matter what the department, is given a code that refers to the procedure. This code is then used throughout the hospital with that patient.

  • Dual coding.
There are two types of coding that are used in the American medical industry. These two are the CPT coding system that is mentioned above, and the ICD-9 coding system. The CPT codes are used to describe the type of procedure that has been conducted on a patient. The ICD-9 code is what is used to describe the symptoms and therefore the reason behind the procedure that was conducted.

  • Logical relationships.
Hospitals and insurance companies use these two coding systems and communicate with each other and use a computer system to help the two coding systems work in complete harmony together. This is to make sure that mistakes that could be made in between the performance of the procedure and the insurance paperwork are minimized.

For example, the CPT code that is stated on a person's medical record should correspond with the ICD code stated. The nature of these two types of coding systems help to create the most efficient medical system that deals with checks and balances in the process that are associated with the medical billing process.

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