At 570 mm hg and 25 degrees celsius a gas sample has a volume of 2270 ml. What is the final pressure at a volume of 1250 ml and a temperature of 175 degress celsius?


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PV=nRT,P2/P1=T1V2/T2V1=(25+73)*1250/(175+273)*2270=0.37, P2=0.37*570=210.9 mm Hg.
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25 °C=300k;175 °C=400k ;According to the formula  PV=nRT 570*2270/300=p*1250/400,  p=1380.16 Mm Hg  .  So The Final Pressure (in Mm Hg) At A Volume Of 1250 ML And A Temperature Of 175 °C is 1380.16 Mm Hg  .
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PV=nRT, P2/P1=T2/T1*V1/V2=(175+293)/(25+293)*2270/1250=2.67, P2=2.67P1=2.67*570=1523 mm Hg. So the final pressure is 1523 mm Hg.

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