How Big Was The Titanic?


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The GRT or gross register tonnes of the Titanic was 46,328. The displacement was 52,310 tonnes. The length of the Titanic was 269.1 m or 882 ft and nine inches. The beam measured 28 m or 92 ft. Her height from her keel to the top of her funnels stood at 53.3 m or 175 ft. The draught was 10.5 m or 34 ft and seven inches. The depth was 19.7 m or 64 ft and six inches. There were nine decks that were lettered from A through to G.

The installed power of the Titanic consisted of:

-        Scotch boilers: 24 double ended (six furnace) plus five single ended (three furnace)
-        Two four cylinder reciprocating triple expansion steam engines that each produced 15000 horse power for the ship's two wing propellers on the outboard at 75 rpm (revolution per minute)
-         A low-pressure turbine that produced 16,000 horse power
-         A sum of 46,000 horse power (design) to 59,000 horse power (maximum)

The propulsion consisted of:

-         Two triple-bladed wing propellers (bronze)
-         One quadruple-bladed centre propeller (bronze)

The speed of the Titanic was:

-         21 knots (24 mph or 39 km/h)
-         23 knots (26 mph or 43 km/h) maximum

The capacity of the Titanic when fully loaded with crew and passengers was 3547. There were 885 crew members. For all these people, there were a mere 20 lifeboats. It was presumed they would not be needed, because this ship was 'unsinkable'.

There were a total of 840 staterooms.

-         416 in First Class
-         162 in Second Class
-         262 in Third Class
-         40 open berth areas
The ship was named the RMS Titanic in Liverpool, England and was launched on May 31st 1911. She was never christened. She was completed on March 31st 1912. On April 10th 1912 she set sail from Southampton in England on her maiden voyage to New York. On April 14th, just before midnight, the Titanic hit an iceberg and sank the next morning. There were 1517 deaths.
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length was 882 feet, 9 inches.  The beam (width of a boat) was 92 feet,
6 inches.  It was 175 feet high and displaced 52,310 tons.

Of course right now, it's a lot of rusting pieces on the bottom of the ocean floor
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The Titanic was approximately about 882 ft and 9 inches long. The beam of the Titanic was measured at 92 ft and 6 inches. The Gross Register Tonnage of the Titanic was a massive 46,328 tons. The height of Titanic from the boat deck to the water line was 60 ft which is about 18 meters. The RMS Titanic was so huge that it required 25 double ended Scotch Type Boilers; it also had around 4 single ended scotch type boilers.

The RMS Titanic was built in Britain. It was owned by White Star Line. The ship was built in Harland and Wolff Yards which is located in Belfast, Ireland. The Captain of the ship was Edward John Smith. The ship maid its maiden voyage on the 10th of April in the year 1912. The ship met its doom on the 14th of April in the year 1912, after hitting with an iceberg the ship cracked into 2 pieces and completely sank in the water on the 15th of April.
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The titanic was massive as big as 4 double Decker buses
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The length of the Titanic was 882 feet, 9 inches.  The width of the Tiitanic was 92
feet, 6 inches.  It was 175 feet high and its weight was 52,310 tons.
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4 empire state buildings
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Others have well-answered this one statistically. A most critical dimension for the passengers was the 75 ft (21m) from the deck to the water, about the height of a 6 story (storey) building. When the call first came to load the lifeboats, women and children first, the sheer height from the davits and the yet-unpracticed lowering of the boats was enough that practically no one dared to take the risks of getting lowered in the tiny lifeboats to the dark sea, preferring instead the lighted familiar firmness of the ship. Therefore, the first boats left 2/3 to over 1/2 empty. Only as it became apparent that people were making the descent safely, and as it became obvious that the great ship was in danger, did the lifeboats go down full.
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Look ath pictures it was huge as hell.Poor little kids died.they had no idea it was going to sink. In the movie what jack and rosie did was a very good idea I think jack should of lived. The titanic was about 3 or 4 empire state buildings put together.imagine if you was on that ship.
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The titanic was massive because it killed thousands and thousands of people or if you mean how big was the ship then it could carry millions!  
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From general knowledge, I do not know exactly how big the Titanic was, but I do know that it was slightly bigger than the WWII Aircraft Carrier. Some say it was as big as three football fields.
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The tie Tan tic was sunken because of and ice burg did you know that ice burges are short at the top and really really big at the bo ttum
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Two feet high and could carrie an amazing total of 3 and a half peopole and could go 2 mils a day and blew up as soon as it tuches water it is fulof horible smell gas causd by the captin and his enormusly overside a**

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