How To Calculate The Percent Of Profit? Is It Sale Price - Cost To Buy Item * X/100? I'm Confused.


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Profit percentage = (Profit / Cost Price ) x 100
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The profit is
profit = (sale price-cost)/cost
there is many ways but this is the easiest way and the right way
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Profit is usually expressed as a percentage of the selling price.

profit = ((selling price) - (cost))/(selling price)
  = (560 - 420)/(560) = 140/560 = .25 = 25/100
profit = 25% of sales
On the other hand, markup is usually figured as a percentage of the cost.
markup = ((selling price) - (cost))/cost = 140/420 = .333 = 33.3%

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Profit percentage = (Profit)/(Selling Price)*100%

Markup percentage = (Profit)/(Cost Price)*100%
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Profit or loss (selling price - original price) / original price X 100 = percentage profit
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[(Sales- cost of goods sold) X 100] / sales = Profit Percentage
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