What Events Do The French Celebrate?


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1 January    New Year's Day (Jour de l'an)
1 May    Labor Day (Fête du premier mai)
8 May    WWII Victory Day (Fête de la Victoire 1945; Fête du huitième mai)
14 July    Bastille Day (Fête nationale)
15 August    Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Assomption)
1 November    All Saints Day (La Toussaint)
11 November    Armistice Day (Jour d'armistice)
25 December    Christmas Day (Noël)
26 December    2nd Day of Christmas (in Alsace and Lorraine only)
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French people celebrate eleven national holidays. But, there are more then five thousand festivals that these people celebrate. They commemorate the Bastille Day (July 14), Armistice Day (November 11), Labour Day (May 1) and Victoria Day (May 8). They even celebrate days like All Saints Day (November 1), Christmas Day (December 25), second Day of Christmas (December 26) and Assumption of Blessed Mary (August 15). French people had events and feasts for Good Friday (April 14), Easter or Paques (April 16), Easter Monday (April 17), Ascension or Ascencion (May 25), Pentecost (June 4) and Whit Monday (June 5).

These people get into a mood of celebration during the Santa Barbara Annual Festival. Thousands of people gather for the event. They various feasts, fairs, trade shows, competitions, concerts , carnivals, markets and many other cultural festivals. French people enjoy quarterly festivals in April and Satchmo Summerfest in August.
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The following are some of the festivals celebrated in France.
Bastille Day
Cannes Film Festival
French Tennis Open
Nice Jazz Festival
For detail on these festivals and others visit the following web page.
French Festivals
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Good friday and easter and easter monday and white monday a

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