Contrast two theories or perspectives from late stage adult development, identify how each approach informs or impacts your life, particularly as you prepare for your senior years, discuss the benefits (pros) and shortcomings (cons) of each persp?


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Late stage adult development theoretical perspectives
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When I was in school and preparing for exams, I spent a lot of time playing video games. I think I had a real addiction. Now I would better prepare for the exams and get better results. In addition, now I try to play games like , making sure to set aside time for this activity, so as not to spend the whole day at the computer.

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Aging and dying is a part of life, Everyone has to do it
Tomorrow is not promise to no noe I must live for one day at a time As it my last day  we should thank the lord for seening another day. I think what impact my lofe was my mother die four yes agoI could belive it Another Impacted my life to older aduls you can alway learn from thrm they are resourse person.

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