What Contingency Factors Can Improve The Statistical Relationship Between Attitudes And Behavior?


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Attitude  is an emotion that all people get when they other emotions. Attitudes are  positive, negative or neutral views of an “attitude object”, i.e., a person,  behavior or an event. Attitudes typically come from judgments.  The link between the attitude and behavior exists, but depends upon human  behavior. Factors which can improve the statistical relationships between  attitudes and behavior are:    Importance of the attitude    Specificity of the attitude    Accessibility of the attitude    Social pressures    Direct experience with the attitude    1. Important attitudes are the ones that reflect fundamental values self  interest or personal identification with individual or groups. Attitudes that  an individual considers important tend to show a strong relationship to  behavior.    2. Specificity of the attitude. The more specific the attitude the more  specific the behavior, the stronger the relationship between the two.    3. Attitudes that are recollected more easily are more to predict behavior that  those which are difficult to recall. These attitudes which are expressed  frequently are more likely to shape the behavior.    4. Social pressures can cause discrepancies between attitudes and this is what  tends to characterize behavior in organizations.    5. Direct experience of an individual on any topic provides a stronger  relationships between attitude and behavior as an individual finds it easier to  relate to the topic than a hypnotically situation.    Thus if these factors are kept in mind when a survey is designed, would  definitely improve the relationships between attitude and behavior.

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