Arrangement of chips in sci-dama power patrol?


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In the board game sci-dama, the chips are arranged on a checkered board that is normally seven squares by seven squares in dimension. The chips in the game are to be placed on one square of the same color in three rows. This should leave the player with three rows of four chips in front of them.

The game is an alternative version to the original game of dama that originated in the Philippines. Essentially, it is a game of draughts or checkers as it is known in the rest of the world.

  • The basic rules, and influences from other games

Each player has 12 pieces and the aim of the game is to capture all of the opponent's pieces before they capture yours. The principle is similar to chess, however the rules are less complex.

All the pieces are only permitted to move diagonally across the board. In order to capture an opponent's piece, there must be a clear space behind that piece so that it can be 'jumped'. Once a piece has been jumped, it is removed from the game.

  • Sci-dama caters to all audiences

The variation on this game, known as sci-dama, is designed to promote mathematical and scientific awareness and ability for all ages. The basic rules of the game remain the same, but the difference with sci-dama is that players must complete mathematical or scientific equations and sums in order to capture enemy pieces.

Each square has a function printed onto it and that is the equation that must be completed in order to land there. To see an image of this board, click the link here
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Here's the arrangement of sci-dama power patrol chips:
95 (1,2) (6,5)
70 (3,2) (4,5)
15 (5,2) (2,5)
50 (7,2) (0,5)
10 (0,1) (7,6)
35 (2,1) (5,6)
110 (4,1) (3,6)
75 (6,1) (1,6)
115 (1,0) (6,7)
90 (3,0) (4,7)
55 (5,0) (2,7)
30 (7,0) (0,7)

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