What Colour Is Iodine?


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Iodine in its natural form is of the colour brown. it turns bluish black when starch is added to it. Also, if iodine is added to any solvent that contains oxygen (acetone, ethanol etc), the solution turns brown. On the other hand, if it is added to a solvent that is devoid of oxygen, the solution becomes violet.
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Color of iodine solution depends up on the solvent. For example, if we dissolves the iodine in water (which contain oxygen) solution turns brown in color. On the other hand,(without oxygen) solution turns blue in color.
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Iodine is brownish orange, is that when oxygen solvent is not added? What colour is it when it is added?
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Iodine is a dark purpley-black solid at room temperature.
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All of you are wrong, dark grey as a solid, dark purple as a solid, brown in oxygen containing solvent
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It's brown. 

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