Which Is The Longest River In Scotland?


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The longest river in Scotland is the Tay with a total length of 193 km (120 miles) from its point of origin located in the Ben Lui near the town of Oban in the southern highland region of Scotland to its mouth at the Firth of Tay where the river empties in to the North Sea.

The river is the 7th longest river in the UK and the largest in terms of drainage area covering about 3220 km (2000 miles); its tributaries are the Almond, Isla, Braan, Tummel and Lyon. The river is known by several names especially in its earlier stages like river Connonish, the Fillan River and the Dochart River.

The Tay in its later stages is a tidal river after passing through the town of Perth in Perth and Kinross before entering the Firth of Tay; the major city lying on the Firth is Dundee the fourth largest one in Scotland. The river Tay is known for occasionally flooding upstream near Perth; the river was also the site of an accident when the Tay Rail Bridge collapsed on December 28, 1879 when a train was passing over it.
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    River Tay

Longest river in Scotland, flowing about 120 miles (193 km) from its source on the north slopes of Ben Lui
to the North Sea below Dundee. The river drains 2,400 square miles
(6,216 square km), the largest drainage area in Scotland. Before
reaching the stretch of Loch Tay (15 miles [24 km] long) at Killin, the
headwaters flow under the names Fillan and Dochart. 


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Tapis the longest river in scotland
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The loch

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