Discuss the ethical issue , marketer don't create needs, needs preexist marketer?


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There is quite a thin line between what consumers actually need and what they are made to believe that they need. Many people believe that expert marketing has the ability to make people believe they need something when in reality it is relatively unnecessary or luxury. These issues could be looked at from the following angles:
  • In the world of business, marketing and advertising is vital in order to make money. With some companies, they may be selling main stream goods that are needed and required by the general public. For example, power supplies or basic food supplies are needed in the modern society. Therefore in this case, the needs do pre-exist the marketer.
  • Marketing companies adapt certain techniques in order to create the belief that something is needed. This is particularly prominent within the sector of advertising that is aimed at children. Toys and games that are luxury items are being advertised as the "must have" item. With younger children often being susceptible to subliminal advertising and peer pressure, these techniques are sometimes successful.
  • Some may say that if an item is truly needed and not desired, then people would find a way to obtain it regardless of marketing and advertising. However, this then leads into the argument of whether a person's needs are subjective or whether we do truly need them to survive
This sort of idea is not something that can be looked at from just one angle. It appears that in some circumstances, the marketing has created the illusion of need. In others, the need for something will outweigh the marketing regardless.
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