What Are Thermoplastic Materials?


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Its is plastic that can be remodeled when heated and hardened in that position when cooled
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A material that softens on being heated and hardens when cooled is said to be thermoplastic. Thus, when a thermoplastic material is heated, it softens, and this property is used to change the shape of a material, and its hardening on cooling down will make sure that the changed shape remains intact. This action of heating and cooling can be repeated several times without any significant change in the properties of the material, to give it the desired shape.

The changes in the shape of the thermoplastic materials due to the increase or decrease in temperature are physical rather than chemical changes, stating that the process is a reversible one.

The typical examples of thermoplastic materials are the styrene polymers and copolymers, acrylics, cellulosics, polyethylenes, vinyls, nylons, PVC and various fluorocarbon materials.

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