What Is A Good Slogan For The Element, Phosphorus?


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Phosphorus is a very under-represented element, and I think coming up with a slogan to embody its properties is a great idea.

To pick a good slogan, you may first want to consider which attribute of the element phosphorus you want to highlight:

A slogan for phosphorus The interesting thing about phosphorus is that it comes in several different forms. Each of these forms (or allotropes) have very different properties.

To come up with an effective slogan for phosphorus, you may want to use a phrase that portrays the properties of the specific allotrope you're interested in.

For example, these are the different 'colors' of phosphorus:

  • White phosphorus
  • Red phosphorus
  • Violet phosphorus
  • Black phosphorus

Slogans for the use of phosphorus
Phosphorus has many uses, and is best-known for its 'glowing' properties when exposed to oxygen. For this reason, the element is often found in products like fireworks and matches.

Based on the above use, a slogan like 'phosphorus - sparking up your life' might be an appropriate representation of the element's role in everyday life.

Phosphorus is also commonly-found in fertilizer products, so you may want to center a phosphorus slogan around agriculture if that's the topic you're addressing.

Phosphorus is also found in the hard enamel coating on teeth.

'Giving your teeth their bite' is an example of a slogan you could use to describe dental phosphorus.
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Here is a slogan for phosphorus that I found online:

"On the 4th to make a fuss, use fireworks made with phosphorus"

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