How Does Archimedes Screw Work?


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The Archimedes screw, is an uncomplicated mechanical machine made-up by the Greek mathematician Archimedes. It is a machine for raising water. It consists of a coiled chamber inside a close-fitting container. In present pump categorization, the Archimedes screw is a positive displacement (PD) pump. It has been used productively to imitate the technicalities of the Archimedes Screw with other PD pumps.

Archimedes screw is an uncomplicated mechanical tool believed to have been invented by Archimedes in the 3d century B.C. It consists of a container within which a continuous screw, extending the length of the container, forms a coiled chamber. By introducing the lower end in water and rotating the screw, water is raised to the crest. The theory is applied in machinery used for drainage and irrigation, and also in some types of high-speed tools. It can also be functional for handling light, loose materials such as grain, sand, and ashes.
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The Archimedes screw is a screw that is airtight to a pipe. When the pipe and screw rotate they pick up water and  move it to the grove on the bottom of the pipe and so on
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Here you can look at this video for more information. Its a video that teaches you how to use it. I did not make this video nor do I own it.

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