What are the roles of entrepreneurship in the economic development in nigeria?


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  • Technology
The technology industry plays an important entrepreneurial role in the economic development of Nigeria. As technology continues to grow, the market for technological products grows as well. In addition, jobs within the technology industry broaden the skills of Nigerian people and open up employment opportunities for the general populace. It is important to mention that a lot of women in Nigeria are behind half of the small business in the country.

  • Developing Skills
There are a number of businesses that provide programs for citizens to develop their corporate skills. For example, in order to help the economy in the country, roles have been created to encourage others into employment. Furthermore, jobs have been introduced to help people start up their own businesses; in order to help the economic effort.

  • Start Small
In Nigeria there are a large number of small businesses that have the potential to grow and these are important to the general development of Nigeria. Roles within the company involve almost anything that will help raise a profit. Individuals are encouraged to start their own small businesses with the hope that what initially appears to bring in money for the local community will soon become profitable on a larger scale.

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