What do you attribute the vast numbers of psychological problems in society?


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I think that people suffer mostly as consequences of traumas during childhood. Imaging kids that ha d suffered all kinds of physical, mental & also many of them sexual abuse. They grow up without the love & of their parents. There is a big probability that they grow up feeling of detestation for the society. In this Country we all are trying to make money so we can leave better. Mean time our kids are left along with estrangers’ that can hurt them & even if they don’t the kids are growing without the parents affection
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I would  say  80% of the society  are  suffering from  mental  illnesses, Some  go for years without being  diagnosed  and  some  refuse  treatment  which is  a serious matter
Lack of honesty. We keep passing on this irresponsible trait. Whether we are parents, or adults stil struggling with emotional issues. We need to bite the bullet, and learn how to deal with thes feelings. Practice acceptance, self and allow others to e as well. No cynicism please, just think about this. You don't have to say anthing, but where could we go as a society, if people were to be honest? Live and let live. When things are all bottled up eventually you are going to explode. We are not born with negative attitudes, we are taught this. Do you think you have an angry outlook? Do you accept yourself, and others?are we part of the problem, or part of the solution?
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50 years ago when mothers went back to work.  Trickle any of it down it could lead you there
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I agree with the contributors I think now a days many people are suffering from depression as every one wants every thing in less time.

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