What Is 125 Fahrenheit On The Celsius Scale?


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The easiest way for you to convert Fahrenheit to Celsius is to use Google to find an online convertor that will do all the hard work for you. The first website on a Google search was this one: All you have to do is type the Fahrenheit or Celsius value that you want to change, then click outside the text box and your converted value will appear there for you. To answer your question, 125 degrees F is approximately 52 degrees C, rounded up from 51.666667.

There are ways that you can figure out Fahrenheit to Celsius on your own without using a computer or mobile phone to do it for you. This calculation is always handy to know just in case you are out and about and need to perform a quick conversion. So here is the way to convert Fahrenheit into Celsius. Firstly subtract 32 from your original Fahrenheit value, 125 minus 32 is 93. Then divide your answers by nine, 93 divided by nine equals 10.333333, and then times by five, which gives you 51.666667. If you have a calculator, remember to keep the whole number there so that you get the most approximate answer e.g. Don't round your numbers up. If you are working out in your head, then by all means round up or down if it makes it easier.

To convert Celsius back to Fahrenheit, you just do the opposite of the equation above. Divide your Celsius number by five, then times it by nine and then add 32. Just as with the Fahrenheit to Celsius method, if you are using a calculator then keep all number in the equation but if you are doing it in your head don't be afraid to round up or down. Your answer will not be exact but it will still be close.
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Easy way of converting Fahrenheit to Centigrade - subtract 32 from Fahrenheit temperature divide answer by 9 then multiply by 5. So 125-32 = 93 / 9 * 5 = 51.6 C
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125F = 51.666...C

There are 4 easy ways to convert from one temp to another using a calculator (unless you can multiply and/or divide in your head).

C: Celsius
F: Fahrenheit
+: Plus
-: Minus
x: Times
/: Divided By
=: Equals

To convert from C to F:
C x 9 / 5 + 32 = F
C + 40 x 9 / 5 - 40 = F
C x 1.8 + 32 = F
C + 40 x 1.8 - 40 = F

To convert from F to C:
F - 32 x 5 / 9 = C
F + 40 x 5 / 9 - 40 = C
F - 32 x .5555556 = C*
F + 40 x .5555556 - 40 = C*

*The last 2 equations will never give you an exact temp.  The larger the number, the less accurate it is.  This is because .5555556 is actually .555...  For practical purposes with normal temps, just round C to the nearest number.

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