What are the advantages and disadvantages of carbon cycle?


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Advantages- It helps in the transfer of energy which is mostly in the form of carbon compounds.Also it provides in the formation of new carbon compounds.Disadvantages- Due to carbon cycle CO2 is produced which is very harmful.
Also polythene which is a polymer of carbon destroys our environment.
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The factors which affect the carbon cycle can be categorized into two broad categories including, non-direct human induced and direct human induced. There can be a number of factors which can come under both of these categories but four important factors are as follows:

The major impact on carbon cycle is of the climatic changes like the effect of temperature and the precipitation. Climatic change can facilitate or hinder the process of carbon cycle. The second factor is the concentration of carbon dioxide in air. The higher will be its concentration in the air the higher will be the process efficiency. Another factor is the nitrogen deposition which can also impact the carbon cycle. All these three factors come under non-direct human induced category. The fourth factor is the area of forestation like increasing or decreasing forest area. The increase in forests can have a positive impact on carbon cycle and vice versa.
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merits of carbon cycle

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The advantage of carbon cycle energy is that it can produce a lot of energy.

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