How Are Asteroids And Comets Alike And Different?


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Asteroids are large pieces of rock that you will find mostly in the Kipper Belt. They will orbit the Sun within the belt but sometimes may bump each other and nudge it out of orbit.
   Comets are different in the fact that they have large elipticle orbits that may take them
out of our Solar System and then back again.As they return and get closer to the sun,the
Ice and particles on the comet will start to burn off.This is what creates the Tail.
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Asteroids and comets are both space rock. They both orbit the sun. (asteroids are Between mars and jupiter mostly)Have a yearly orbit.
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Comets and Asteroids both have orbits that are elliptical and have more of a tilted orbit than those of planets.
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They are similar in composition, and older comets especially are sometimes taken for asteroids as they get less volatile (ie, no longer able to vaporise.) You can find a brief description of asteroids and comets here.
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Because they are both a type of a Space Rock

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