Is it possible to build a emp proof building/room without spending a small fortune?


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This type of building/room will protect whatever is inside from the effects of electro-magnetic pulse; however, it is generally quite expensive to create these areas, which are often used to shield computers from surges and damage. Anyone who wants to create an entire EMP-proof building may need expert assistance from contractors who have experience in this field, and that will really add up.

  • Metal will be needed

Making an EMP-proof room without spending a small fortune may be easier, but it will still not be a dirt-cheap home improvement project. Basically, to shield from EMP, a room or building must be wrapped (on all sides) in metal, and metal is an expensive building material. Furthermore, the right type of metallic panels must be used for optimum protection. Faraday cages are one example of metallic shielding that can be adapted for use in EMP-proof rooms and buildings.

  • Survivalist tips

Many survivalists build rooms, buildings, outbuildings, and underground bunkers that are designed to protect people, supplies, and electronics equipment from the effects of atomic, or other types, of EMPs. Survivalists may also advise newbies to create vehicles known as "bug-out vehicles" - these can be used to escape from disaster, and these may also feature a degree of EMP shielding.

In fact, survivalism is an increasingly popular hobby for many people, who collect freeze-dried foods, weapons, and other things they might need if some disaster occurred which ended regular life in a civilized society.

The best way to plan a budget for an EMP-proof room or building is to price metal (whether new or scrap metal) and then figure out how much it will cost to install the panels of metal, according to room or building specifications. The job must be done right, so skilled labor may be a priority - and skilled labor costs a lot of money.
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