What is the difference between rough diamonds and polished diamonds? How do I know the quality of rough diamonds?


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The difference between rough and polished diamonds is that the rough diamonds have yet to be cut by a professional, to be made into diamonds suitable for aesthetic use in items such as jewelry. The rough diamonds, as the name suggests, will look rough and rugged around the edges, as they are freshly sourced and have yet to be adapted into something beautiful. There are many things that diamonds can be used for, once they have been cut to purpose, such as:

• Diamond engagement or wedding rings.
• Diamond necklaces.
• Diamond encrusted chandeliers.
• Diamond brooches.
• Other diamond encrusted items of jewelry.

When the diamond is cut and polished, you can visibly see the difference. The diamond will be much smoother to the touch, will look noticeably cleaner and will gleam under a light source. This is the kind of finished diamond that will be placed in your jewelry or whichever guise you choose to transform it into.

If you are looking to discover the value of some rough diamonds that you have come into contact with, you can visit your local gold or diamond seller and ask them for a quote on your rough diamonds. Ensure that you visit several of these stores, as to not get given a price that is unfair. If a seller realizes that you are a novice in the diamond trade, they may be more inclined to give you a lower quote, in the hopes of making a bigger profit from your goods.

You could also get in touch with someone that cuts diamonds from rough into polished, if you are looking to use it for a gift or something to sell on. People will buy rough diamonds at a higher price generally though, so you would be better off selling it rough if you don't intend to keep it.
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Yes a diamonds beauty greatly depends on cut than any other factor. In simple words, if a diamond does not catch your eye or it doesn't flash in light it can be labeled as not well cut.

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Rough diamonds look like transparent stones that are either colorless or tinted in yellowish or brownish color.

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